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Beyond the bonus: Driving employee performance

ILM asked over 1,000 employees about what motivates them at work, from financial incentives to a supportive environment..

Added Values: The importance of ethical leadership

We wanted to find out whether a manager’s personal values and ethical standards matched those of their organisation, and what impact this has. 

Flexible working: Goodbye to nine to five

Flexible working graphicOnce seen as something only for carers or the less career-minded, flexible working is steadily becoming the norm across the board. Our flexible working research discovered how far UK businesses have travelled on the journey.

The pursuit of happiness: positivity and performance among UK managers

In our research into positivity and performance, we discovered that happier managers rated themselves as higher performing than their unhappy colleagues.

The leadership and management talent pipeline

UK plc is worryingly short of good managers, but employers are still failing to develop a dependable source of talented people. At ILM we believe in the value of talent planning. Our research highlights exactly how far a plan contributes to business success.

Women in banking

Our research into women in banking reveals a chain of factors that impede women's progression into senior roles in banking. Our recommendations look at ways to change awareness, attitudes and culture in banking and other sectors.

Index of Leadership Trust 2011

Index of leadership trust logoEmployees trust their CEOs more now than at any time over the last three years. That’s the message from the ILM 2011 Index of Leadership Trust. But with trust a critical factor in effective leadership at all levels, we see clear room for improvement at this challenging time.

Creating a coaching culture

We looked into the coaching culture of UK businesses. Not only is the practice widely adopted, it's clear that both employees and organisations are seeing the benefits of professional coaching.

Ambition and gender at work

Even with the widespread commitment to correcting the gender imbalance there is evidently a lot more to be done as we examined the glass ceiling effect that many women managers encounter.

Great Expectations – Managing Generation Y

Generation Y logoWe linked up with the Ashridge Business School to find out how recent graduates viewed their jobs and their managers, and compare them to how the managers viewed their graduate recruits. Our findings could be bad news for managers and employers.

Index of Leadership Trust 2010

Index of Leadership Trust logoIn August 2010, ILM and Management Today magazine published the second Index of Leadership Trust, an annual benchmark of leadership trust in UK organisations. ILM has developed a range of learning resources reflecting the findings of the index, which can be easily incorporated into existing ILM development programmes.

Leading change in the public sector

Leading change in the public sector logoFocussing on the public sector, this fascinating report looks at manager’s experiences of change and their attitudes towards it. This research can be mapped onto appropriate units of qualifications being undertaken by public sector managers.

Creating Future Leaders

Creating future leaders report logoThis research report gives an interesting insight into what employers are really looking for when recruiting and developing leaders and managers. Understanding the findings will help you to promote your training programmes to employers.