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Untapped Talent: Can over 50s bridge the leadership skills gap?

Baby Boomers (aged 51–70) are seen as loyal, skilled and knowledgeable members of the workforce – but they aren’t viewed by their colleagues and managers as the ‘organisational stars’ of the future, and they are perceived as having little potential for further progression or development in their organisations.

Report findings

  • Baby Boomers have vital knowledge and talent
  • Baby Boomers aren’t seen to have the potential to progress
  • Multi-generational teams are the new normal
  • There are perceptions that different generations have different skills
  • Generation X appear to be the most critical of all groups – including their own


While Baby Boomer managers are largely respected and valued in their organisations, there are still common misconceptions concerning skills and attributes. Dispelling these generational myths is an important first step to capitalising on and developing older talent.

  • Recognise the benefits of an age diverse workforce
  • Give ‘experience’ a name
  • Everyone can keep learning
  • Use coaching to support experienced workers
  • Don’t lose the experience – create a network of alumni

Download the full report - Untapped talent: can over 50s bridge the leadership skills gap (PDF 626kb)

Download the Guidelines - Optimising the talents of an age-diverse workforce (PDF 209kb)