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How ILM flexible qualifications work

Airbus learner Louise Huntingdon

Employers want qualifications tailored to their needs – and with ILM’s flexible approach to leadership and management development, you can offer that to them

With ILM, you can build qualifications from a variety of units covering everything from developing your leadership style, delegating authority and developing people to managing meetings, budgets and giving briefings. All ILM qualifications are made up of smaller units of learning relating to these particular topics. As a learner progresses up the levels of learning, units become more complex and take longer to complete. This complexity is given a value called a credit, with each credit typically amounting to around 10 hours of study.

Award, Diploma or Certificate?

Most ILM qualifications come in three different sizes, depending on how in-depth the qualification is and how long it will take you to complete it.

Award - 1-12 credits (10 to 120 hours of learning) are the shortest and most concise qualification.
Certificate - 13 to 36 credits (130 to 360 hours of learning) and provide a broad base of knowledge and skills.
Diploma - 37 or more credits (370 or more hours of learning) and are the most comprehensive qualification, with an extensive programme of learning.

'Spiky' profiles

This term describes the practice of selecting units from various levels to form a programme - with higher level units forming the 'spikes' in the qualification profile. For example, you could deliver an ILM level 3 Certificate in Principles of Leadership and Management which features units at level 2 or even level 4. The advantage of spiky profiles is that you can deliver units that suit your learners’ ability in different areas. It allows your learners to progress to a higher level qualification quicker, because previously completed units contribute towards achievement.

The benefit is that employers willing to make a longer term investment in developing staff will see economies of scale. After the initial investment of delivering ILM qualifications to employees, the cost to ‘top up’ learning and progress to a higher qualification is often proportionately less in terms of time and resource required.

Knowing – Being – Doing

Our approach to qualifications is to develop the individual as a whole. That means ensuring that they understand key leadership and management theory (knowing), embody those best practice (being) and demonstrate what they have learn in a professional setting (doing).

Employers recognise this quality in ILM qualifications which is why over one millions leaders and mangers hold an ILM qualification.

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