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How quality materials and learning techniques lead to success

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Finding the right resources for a course is an incredibly important aspect of getting your training right – and the more support you can demonstrate you offer to employers, the better.

The online world has democratised learning and development, just as it has many other business and consumer functions. It has put a wealth of learning resources at our fingertips and empowered FE colleges to create impactful learning programmes suitable for the local workforce. Indeed, when it comes to leadership and management, it is possible to source a range of high-quality material and resources that, though largely generic, provide scope for L&D to add a bespoke dimension.

Get the right blend

Because developing a leadership and management course relies on using a range of materials and content, you need to be proficient in creating effective blended learning programmes. “There are so many more tools of the trade than there once were,” says Stephen Walsh, director of learning and performance organisation, City & Guilds Kineo, adding: “You also need to be fluent in action learning, experiential, personal reflection, job rotation and gamification and know when to use them.”

Learning technology and leadership consultant Nigel Paine believes that for those FE colleges tasked with building leadership and management programmes, the challenge is managing and delivering your learning content in a meaningful way. While the old model of learning was to spend, say, 90% of time on developing content or 90% of the budget on getting someone to do this for you, he contends that the major focus should be on managing the process, providing support for learners, ensuring learner engagement and the making sure the learning brings about the necessary behaviour change. “You should spend 90% of your time working with the people who are going to undertake the programme; preparing them and also preparing the line managers,” he says, adding: “And then testing them and giving them a chance to use their learning.”

ILM offers a bespoke range of guides and resources to FE centres to support the delivery of leadership and management qualifications, from games and activities to stimulate learning in the classroom and through virtual learning environments to full delivery packs and workbooks, meaning you can hit the ground running with content tailored to our courses.

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