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ILM experiences: tailor made training

Flintshire County Council turned to ILM because they needed flexible training, to meet the needs of all their managers. This was to meet their real and immediate needs for management improvement at all levels in the organisation, with budgets under pressure.

Employers need to know their managers will come back more effective when they commit budget to training.

From the start, Flintshire wanted the expert influence of ILM but also to clearly put its own stamp on management training.

The strength of ILM, as Flintshire sees it, is not only the range of qualifications offered, from levels equivalent to GCSEs, up to qualification at degree level and higher, but that individual qualifications are themselves flexible, being based on multiple units.

After gauging ILM's qualification portfolio against their own particular needs, they worked with an ILM training provider to close tailor ILM qualifications for their staff.

It's really raised people's sights about their potential as managers

Working with ILM centre Coleg Cambria (previously known as Deeside College), Flintshire now offers its staff training right from entry level, for team leaders and first time managers, through to upper management.  The Council aims to create a talent pipeline and to keep talented staff by showing them they have a future in the organisation.

But Flintshire's Chief Executive Colin Everet explains that if staff leave after receiving training, it’s far from being the end of the world – he sees it as a success.  As he says, Flintshire's training programme is designed to “develop  talent, people who are confident, perform well, succeed and, whether it’s with Flintshire or another public sector body, go on to have successful careers.”

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