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ILM experiences: student employability

ILM qualifications have become a key way to ensure students have employability skills and the confidence to use these

Like many universities and colleges, the University of the West of England (UWE) is adapting to a changing world – one in which employers are asking for practical skills alongside academic study, and graduate recruits who can "do" as well as think.

Our undergraduates have got to be able to perform well in the workplace
From starting with just one postgraduate course, UWE is offering more courses, at both postgraduate and undergraduate level, with ILM qualifications as part of the study – and has seen an enthusiastic response from both students and employers.

ILM Centre Coordinator and Senior Lecturer Janice MacInnes has added ILM qualifications to a range of business-related courses, with the aim that students not only know and understand their subject, but can apply it in real world situations.

For UWE, the ability of undergraduates to show their management knowledge with an ILM qualification on their CV is only a small part of the picture.  By far the most important benefit of ILM has been students’ own ability to articulate and explain their skills and knowledge, for instance in interviews with employers.

Students get the employability skills they need, plus they get a qualification

A key strength of ILM, as well as the reputation carried in an ILM qualification, has been the flexibility of ILM qualifications, which has allowed UWE to pick and choose units and tailor the Effective Leadership qualification to the exact requirements of their undergraduate courses.

In fact, the initially small relationship with ILM has grown for UWE, with internal staff being offered ILM training and the University running short courses and standalone ILM qualifications to external customers.