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ILM experiences: management apprenticeships British Gas

British Gas works with ILM to develop managers at first line level through apprenticeship programmes, running these programmes for potential managers in the contact centre, planning dispatch agents and engineering teams.

British Gas Apprentice

British Gas decided to focus their development at first line level as it’s the first transition from an individual role to one where staff are required to manage teams, says Neil Grant, head of British Gas Academies. 

“Having highly effective first line managers is the key to a highly effective workforce,” says Grant. 

“The connection with an external body like ILM gives the potential manager the confidence that the qualification they’re taking isn’t just an internal course, and that they’re measured against like individuals in other industries.” 

British Gas dispatch manager Rakesh Mistry took an ILM Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in management. Mistry, who manages a team of eight staff, says the role has given him confidence in his own management abilities. 

“Before I did the course there is no way on earth I thought I could do the management role. I don’t think I would have taken it up at a college as I wouldn’t have had the time, but doing it on the job makes it a lot easier.” 

Since going through the programme, 50% of staff have been promoted to first line manager level, says Grant, with an expected 70% promotion rate by the end of each programme. More about management apprenticeships.

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