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Lifeless offices prevent employees from being creative

Employees across a broad range of sectors find their work environments uninspiring and a barrier to creativity, according to research released today

The Social Workplace, which was written by the refurbishment company Overbury, polled the opinions of 2,000 employees in different industries. Staff in the financial services found their offices to be the most uninspiring, with half (50%) calling them “demotivating” places and almost half (45%) saying they are experiencing a “crisis of creativity” at work. This is despite the fact that four in five (82%) said they need to be creative in their job roles.

Employees in other sectors also said their offices were enervating environments: almost half (46%) of those who worked in professional services and 34% of those in retail and FMGG claimed this was the case. Even 34% of those who work in creative industries, such as the media and advertising, said their offices weren’t creative.

Employees who work in manufacturing were the most inspired by their working environments, with only 24% saying they found them to be demotivating places.

The research also found that those who work in the professional and financial services are the least likely to interact with employees. Almost half of respondents in both sectors (41% and 48%) said they wore earphones in the offices to avoid talking to colleagues, suggesting their offices were solitary rather than collaborative environments.

“Businesses are failing to realise that great ideas don’t arise from sitting in silence at a desk for eight hours a day,” said Anthony Brown, board director at Overbury. “People need physical environments that foster creativity and collaboration.”


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