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Holidaying at home remains popular choice for UK workers

Matt McAllister

Almost half of UK employees are planning to holiday at home this year, according to a new survey from

While 63% of respondents said they were planning to take off for a holiday, almost half (48%) said they planned to stay in the UK rather than heading abroad, suggesting that the popularity of the ‘staycation’ hasn’t waned.

Not all employees surveyed planned to take a holiday. Almost a quarter (24%) said that they were unable to afford one, while 12% said that weren’t taking a holiday even though they could afford one.

48% of employees said they planned to stay in the UK rather than heading abroad on their holidays

Of those that were heading on holiday, 18% said they planned to contact their organisation during their trip rather than taking a complete break. Managers thought this figure was even higher, with 43% saying they expected their team to check in with work during their trip.

In other findings, 11% of respondents said they had lied to their boss about being out of reach to avoid being contacted, while 19% stated they had given up holiday days in 2012 because they didn’t have time to use them. 20% said that their family had gone on holiday without them in the past because they had been too overwhelmed with work.

“Taking a holiday is not only good for the worker, but the business in general,” said Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder. “Workers who take time off, even if it is just a few days at home, come back refreshed, resulting in higher productivity.”


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