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2012 Skills and Employment survey: British workers increasingly anxious, stressed and unhappy

Matt McAllister

Unhappiness at work, job intensification and fears over job security have all increased sharply since 2006, according to the 2012 Skills and Employment survey, released this week.

The research, which was funded by the government and conducted by research teams from Oxford University, Cardiff University and London’s Institute of Education, involved speaking to 3,200 workers aged 20-65.

Just over half of all employees (52%) reported anxiety about loss of job status. In previous surveys this fear was greater in the private sector than the public sector, but the latest survey showed it was now the other way round.

The survey also found a sharp fall in contentment at work, a rise in job stress and a fall in job satisfaction.

According the findings of the report: “Our evidence suggests that where employers adopted policies that gave employees a degree of involvement in decision making at work, such fears were much less prevalent. This points to the need to develop policies to enhance employee involvement at times of organisational change.”

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