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Making it in business

Brad Burton

Brad Burton, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author of Life.Business.Just got Easier, offers his advice on how to make it in business

I have 500 words to show you how you make it in business. I just wasted 17.
When I first started I was more market trader than MD. You have to grow into the role. In those early years avoid spending time choosing which fish tanks, and spinny chairs to have for the office. 
Ask yourself this, is this the best use of my time. If the answer is no, then why are you doing it? Do something that is the best use of your time right now, concentrate on the stuff that matters.
Sitting behind a desk in front of the computer isn’t always working. Stop kidding yourself. Stop pressing send/receive on your emails. Be brave enough to walk away when you can’t be bothered. Go walk the dog, take your kids to the duck pond. The best thing about being self-employed is you get to choose which 18 hours of the day you work. 
9-5. LOL.
Work when you are on fire, recharge when you head is not in it. 
What can you do today, with what you currently have? Focussing on tomorrow is essential, but not at the expense of today. 
That spreadsheet you have done with projections for the bank/vc/husband/wife, it may as well have a foreword by JK Rowling. It is total rubbish.
It is easy making money on spreadsheets, I have done it loads of time. Spreadsheet millionaires, it’s going to take you four times longer than what you initially believe. 
That thing you don’t like doing, sorry to break it to you but if you want to be a success, you have no option. I’m sure you would like to think there is a magical company out there that you can pay to do it for you, Marketing, PR, telesales campaigns are all fabulous, as long as you can afford for them not to work. It is down to you.
That thing you don’t like doing, unlucky. 
Rely on self, stop wasting your time looking to the government for grants, support, blah blah blah. There is no cavalry.
There is a long way to go from the moment you think you can’t. In my time in business I have wanted to quit, ten times. If one was good and 10 was quitting, I have been 9.8, 9.9 about ten times, often having well-meaning people suggesting I go “get a proper job”.
You know the reason I have not pulled the ejection handle on my business any of those times? Because I did not have an ejection handle, mentally I had got rid of it!
If you have a Plan B, it’s because deep down you don’t truly believe in your Plan A, so don’t get frustrated when others don’t believe in your Plan A either. 
Things change. A strategy is just an informed guess, if it isn’t working, guess again.
Stop confusing bad decisions with bad luck. The way you make problems go away, is by dealing with them.
Finally the thing when building a business, is you must not forget your friends and family, I have seen people build massive commercial success then lose things much more valuable in the process. Friends, family, health... 
Don’t let that be you.


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