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Managers are losing out on holiday leave

New ILM survey finds that 40% of managers feel they need to improve their work/life balance with one in five failing to use their full holiday entitlement last year

New research from the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) has revealed that two in five (41%) of UK managers did not use their full holiday entitlement last year.

Nearly a third (30%) of workers who didn’t take leave were not not able to carry over their holiday, and over a third (35%) of those who lost holiday (4% of those surveyed) lost a full week of annual leave or more.

Charles Elvin, Chief Executive of ILM, said: “Holidays are vitally important for maintaining a happy, healthy workforce so it’s a concern to hear one in 20 managers telling us that they lost a week or more of their annual leave allowance last year. Workers come back from leave refreshed, relaxed and revitalised which is ultimately great for business, so it should be a top priority for employers to make sure their employees use it rather than lose it.”

The ILM survey also found that 40% of managers felt there was definite room for improvement in their work / life balance with a further 15% stating theirs was poor. While the majority of workers (63%) said that their boss was largely supportive of them achieving a good work/life balance, one in five (19%) said that their boss was not as supportive in this area as they would like and 15% said that they did not feel their boss was supportive of them achieving a good work/life balance.

In 2013 managers told ILM that even when they were taking holidays they weren’t necessarily relaxing. Over half of managers (54%) felt the need to work while on annual leave, with 70% stating that they were reading and responding to emails whilst on holiday. 


  • tauhid sumon

    why you guys looking for managers?? thats funny....

    by the way nice statistics....

    witsteam  is also a great place of working.....

  • Amanda Taylor

    What crazy statistics! Why anybody wouldn't want to use up their annual leave I'll never know! This year I bought extra days of leave so that I could go trekking in Borneo. Time out of the office is so important. It's time to de-stress, unwind, reflect and come up with some new ideas that you can take back to the office.

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