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Empowered Leadership

Empowered leadership coach, Julie Anne Hart,on how to lead with your head, heart and gut

There’s a new type of leadership that eschews a more traditional, dog-eat-dog approach to management and getting ahead. Business is changing where an ethos of working together, sharing and fostering a supportive environment is lending itself to success, with inherent ease and grace and an altogether much more fruitful and happier work life. 

The following principles of empowered leadership will help business leaders and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential: 

Discover the spirit of you

Your unique authentic self has to be discovered in order to move in to empowered leadership. Understanding and knowing the self is vital and the first point of focus. You must be free of past constraints, hold a healthy belief system that supports who you are both personally and professionally, then stretch your concept and become it. Develop your emotional intelligence to gain the knowledge and wisdom to empower your own leadership first and foremost. A sense of self and purpose will lead to a greater understanding and identity most leaders lack.

Unleash your creativity

Competition provokes a fear based thought process which can diminish a productive outcome. Once you become unafraid of whom you really are, you’ll find sides of you that you’ve hidden or suppressed. These are the things that come most easily to you and you may not even think of them as skills. When you unleash your creativity, you are letting the true spirit of you shine in its potential.  The more of yourself that you bring in to your work, the more true happiness you will enjoy and you’ll find yourself becoming the person that you were always meant to be in a role that’s perfect for you.

Serve as a role model

Be a role model to yourself. When you make a decision to be the leader of your own life, you naturally become a catalyst for others to follow. When you allow yourself to lead, you give others permission to lead themselves. Your team will be far more empowered and you won’t feel the need to do every part of the business yourself. Not only will you be more inspiring as a business leader but you’ll have more time on your hands too. This is time you can spend on business growth. Look at the type of leader you’d like to be and start to impress yourself!

Be passionate

Get clear on your vision, aim high and have a burning desire to make the outcome implicit with zero tolerance to accept anything less than to experience what you truly want. Passion is the life force that dwells within you, so listen to it. Let your intuition be your guide and unleash your inner wisdom, insight and enlightenment. You know exactly what you want. Stop the procrastination and take action. Your passion will shine through every part of your business. It will inspire those around you and will attract the right sort of client base. It’s perfectly OK to be passionate about your business and to go for what you really want.

Develop your spiritual intelligence

Spend time in nature, connect to the seasons and the elements and see the power of the universe at work. Stop the worry and put your focus into thinking and feeling happy in the knowing that you are guided and that the universe is supporting your leadership. You have unlimited opportunities on this planet. All you need to do is lighten up, get clear and keep walking in the direction you are guided to walk in. Make a commitment to leading yourself to the very top.

Julie Anne Hart is an empowered leadership coach for business and lifestyle, working with individuals and running retreats to support entrepreneurs in living and working to their full potential. Find out more at


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