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Discovering what works in Social

With talks from high-profile companies such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – ILM hosted an exciting half-day forum which gave an insight into what works in Social media

Social media is fast becoming an important component to running a successful business and as a result managers are having to consider the logistics and the impact of using Social media on a day-to-day basis.  

It’s obvious that having a Social media presence will help to get your brand out there and potentially reach a wider audience, but can it really help your business to achieve its key objectives and how can you make sure your reaching the right people with the right content?
The ‘What works in Social’ event organised by Group M and hosted by ILM, helped answer some of these questions by inviting high-profile guests along from companies such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

First up was Imre de Daranyi, the senior account executive for and James Lubbock, strategic client manager. Socialbakers offers monitoring and tracking tools for analysis of social networks that are used for comparing social media stats and metrics.
They stressed the importance of social media being able to support your businesses’ key objectives and advised that its important to highlight the KPIs which social media should deliver before investing in it. Imre de Daranyi told the audience ‘it’s not just about publishing content, it’s about driving a dialogue’. 
They also warned that if you’re seeing your community decrease then that’s worrying – you have to make sure you’re always attracting and targeting the right people. 

Claire Valoti, head of agency relations at Facebook, described how Facebook was the kind of company which moved incredibly fast – in 18 months Facebook has turned around its business to be mobile first. She also gave the audience some fascinating stats – 26 million in the UK people log in to Facebook on a daily basis, and 22 million of these people log in on a mobile. During her fast-paced and visual presentation she talked about how the company was improving advertising effectiveness and gaining audience insights. 

Bruce Daisley, UK managing director of Twitter, also gave us some interesting statistics, including the fact that there has been 300 million Tweets relating to what was happening on the pitch during this summer’s World Cup and there was 854,000 Glastonbury related Tweets in the UK from this year’s festival. Clearly people are using Twitter and reiterating Valoti’s point, 80% of Twitter usage is mobile with 50% of those using Twitter on their phones during a commute and 60% whilst watching TV. He introduced a new term for gadget multi-tasking ‘meerkating’, which describes the way we flick our attention from social media to other activities such as watching the TV and how our attention has become fragmented as a result. 

Will Scott, senior account manager at LinkedIn and Rena Patel, senior marketing communications manager, gave us an insight into the rising popularity of the professional networking site LinkedIn, which now has 300 million plus members and two new members joining every second. They described how there has been a big spike in iPad usage with members spending on average seven hours a week on LinkedIn. They highlighted three key points to consider when using LinkedIn – to be authentic, to be human and to be helpful. 

Social media is obviously becoming a valuable tool to invest time and resources in, but before setting up that Twitter or LinkedIn account, it’s wise to consider the benefits you want it to deliver to your business, and how to target the audience that really matter to you and your business. 


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