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Top tips to boost your self-esteem at work

Lyndsey Whiteside

Eight ways to boost your self-esteem at work by expert coach Lyndsey Whiteside

Shying away from stepping up will exacerbate any feelings of low self-esteem. It keeps us in a place of helplessness. Confidence is about living in our own power. That may sound out there but it’s a simple concept. It’s about letting who we really are shine through and feeling great about it. Here’s eight ways to pick up your confidence levels: 

  • Write down a list of ten ways you could feel more positive about yourself, in your job role.  These may be practical aspects such as you feel you need more training in a certain area or they may be related to the way you feel about yourself. Write your own private action plan.  Jot down the ways that you could address each point and make it your mission to work on each one.  
  •  Step into the most confident version of yourself. In a situation where you feel fearful, ask; ‘what would the most confident and successful version of me do?’ 
  • If that’s not cutting it, then visualise someone you believe to have high self-esteem.  Imagine stepping in to their body, seeing through their eyes. Tap into the way that they feel and access that inner power. It’s a quick way to garner some strength when you need it most but you’ll still be putting forward your work and your ideas. The more energy you put behind your creations, the more people will believe in you.  
  • Invite a senior staff member out for lunch or after work drinks. You’ll see that they are human too and that feeling of being part of this ‘inner circle’ will increase your esteem. Your energy is influenced by the people that you most associate with, so choose carefully. 
  • Change the way that you think about your colleagues, suppliers, clients or whoever it is that makes you feel uncomfortable.  Think of them as great people, out to help you and who want you to succeed and watch their behaviour change. This is one where you have to be persistent in your belief but the results are worth it.
  • See your fear as if you are moving through growth to the next level. Once you get to the other side of that scary presentation or a particular conflict, then you’ll feel that little bit more confident that you got through it and you’re still OK. If it went badly, then you’ll treat it as a learning experience to be better for the next time. It’s only practice that makes perfect.
  • Make a note of every small win or compliment that you get – when you’ve handed in a project on deadline or you received a great email from a client or your team responded well to your feedback. Refer back to it when you need a reminder of how brilliant you are.  Watch your self-talk too. Tell yourself how excellent you are not what an idiot you’ve been.
  • Be yourself. This is crucial to confidence. Feeling comfortable in our own skin is the key to success. You’ll assert yourself because you believe in what you’re saying and you won’t have to live in fear of being found to be a fraud – which is far more common than you’d ever think.  Stop and think how you’d really like to handle a situation or what your opinions really are; not just what you think they should be so that they might impress somebody. That’s real confidence.

Lyndsey Whiteside is a coach for women in business, helping them to shine by being themselves.  Email: or follow @LyndseyInspired.


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