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Edge May June 2014 - The SME issue

Helen Mayson

Edge May June 2014 SME issue

Out 1 May, the SME issue of Edge, ILM's management magazine exclusive to ILM members

SMEs currently make up 99.9% of all private sector businesses in the UK, account for almost 60% of private sector employment and 48.1% of private sector turnover (according to stats from the FSB). They’re the engine room of the UK economy, from one man enterprises to employers with hundreds of staff – the tiny acorns from which mighty oaks grow.

One such acorn that has grown tall and strong is Admiral Insurance, the Cardiff based company who continually feature as one of the best big places to work in the UK in the Sunday Times’ Best Employers list. CEO Henry Engelhardt, recipient of this year’s Sunday Times Best Leader award (a category ILM is proud to have sponsored), explains to Edge in this issue why creating a happy workplace is the key to growing a business from small start up to multi-national organisation.

Recently you might have caught our research into shared parental leave, Shared opportunity: Parental leave in UK business, in the news. We found that less than 10% of new dads take any more than two weeks of leave after a new baby, and managers were even less likely to take extended time off – just 2% took advantage of additional leave of over two weeks. It’s a topic that certainly got people talking, from press coverage in the FT, Independent, BBC News and the Daily Mail to a debate on ITV’s The Agenda where Michael Gove’s wife said he just “hung around eating biscuits” during his paternity leave and Ed Milliband stated that “we are way behind the countries that are the world’s best on this.”

One of the findings from this research was that SMEs find parental leave hardest to manage. Managers in SMEs were most worried about the impact of shared leave and were most negative about their employers’ attitudes to it. It’s true that SMES face particular challenges when it comes to absence, so our two features covering parental leave and sick leave should provide some useful pointers.

We’d love to hear your views on parental leave – share them with us on Twitter (@IL M_Edge), over on our community or simply drop me an email.

Inside this issue

  • Fast track to digital marketing
  • Holacracy - is it the end of management?
  • Up Close with Britain's best leader, Henry Engelhardt from Admiral Insurance
  • When to bring your HR in house
  • Dealing with parental leave changes
  • Leadership in SMEs
  • Sick leave and the small business
  • The GROW movement and ILM members
  • Debate: Does leadership matter more in big business?

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