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Book Review: Who's Driving The Bus

Business title, Who's Driving The Bus: Leadership And Management In A Few Easy Steps, by Sue Gee is given four stars in our review

The author tells us that this book aims to support you on your future leadership journey and is relevant for both new managers and as a refresher for those already in the role.

The approach taken, as the name suggests, is of leadership as a bus journey with you – the leader – as the driver. The first part of the book briefly introduces you to the three stages of the bus journey; before you leave, the journey, and on arrival. The second part explores the different areas of leadership over 13 chapters, such as communication, motivation, teamwork, delegation, performance management, feedback, etc. 

Each chapter has the same format with information, examples, quotes, key words and ‘teamwork tips for on the bus’ – all in easy to understand language and non- management speak.

All 265 pages are easy to engage with and the graphics and page layout make it digestible. You feel you have a friend talking with you rather than a book telling you.

This book is not rocket science, it doesn’t aim to be, but it’s unashamedly a simple guide – simple to understand, not simple content. I feel it would be valuable for first time leaders, and as a more ‘experienced leader’ for me it was an enjoyable refresher, and I did find a reasoned argument why ‘sitting next to Nellie’ doesn’t work! You’ll have to read the book to find out why.


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