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Twitter Q&A: Leadership lessons from the Army

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Edge hosted a Twitter Q&A with Steve Raw, managing director of and former officer in the Army. Read the full interview here

ILM: After 24 years in the Army – what were the most important leadership lessons you learnt?

SR: I have 24 lessons on  most important: Loyalty, discipline and putting others before you every time. 

ILM: Do you think the Army is a good place to develop skills which will help you as a business leader in the future?

SR: Yes absolutely it did for me. The emphasis was on leadership the moment I joined. I had great leaders for me to role model. 

ILM: In your opinion what type of leader does the Army cultivate?

SW: We have a passion for what we do, results driven and we care about those we support people tell me we are confident leaders. 

ILM: How important is to keep a positive mental attitude and what tips can you offer in achieving this? 

SR: It is vital to those you lead, nobody I know follows a negative leader and if you are negative they will sense it.  Supporting people with learning disabilities including my daughter, people lose confidence in you if you are negative. Here are my tips – realise it is your choice, surround yourself with positive people and be inspired by what you do. 

ILM: Is being collaborative or competitive more important when it comes to leadership? 

SR: My experience of both my careers is collaborative I am competitive but with myself, to be better than I was yesterday. You can be the most competitive person in the world but be there to help someone else up. 

ILM: How did you earn loyalty and respect from your colleagues in the Army? 

SR: For me you must be the one who gives loyalty and respect to your colleagues – don’t wait for it to come to you. I put my team and my boss needs first – me last. They eat first; sleep before you do, finish work before you do. 

ILM: What life lessons have you taken away from your time in the Army which you use on a day-to-day basis? 

SR: Be the best you can be, to love what you do every day, to bring a passion and enthusiasm to your work and people you support. 


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