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Time for a snack?

British office workers have named 10:34am and 3:21pm as the times they are most likely to reach for a snack – a new study has found

The research by asked office workers what time they considered snack o’clock, with 10:34am and 3:21am averaging out as the most popular.
The majority of respondents, 55%, said they usually wait until at least 10:30am before having a bite to eat.
Over a quarter of those surveyed, 26%, admitted they struggled to hold on that long and usually reached for something to eat within half an hour of being at their desk. 
Almost a fifth, 19%, said they didn’t feel the need to snack during the morning and instead waited until lunchtime to eat anything.
Some respondents admitted that their snacking antics also came down to boredom in the office so eating counted as something for them to do. 
Almost half of respondents, 48%, admitted that they would also have an afternoon snack, a couple of hours after lunch, to help them last until dinnertime.
Those quizzed said the snack they would have would usually be crisps, cereal bars or a piece of fruit. 
One respondent said: “I have a snack at 10:30 every day without fail, it’s just become part of my routine.
“I don’t understand how people can sit at their desk for hours at a time and not eat anything, especially in the morning. If you’ve eaten breakfast at 8am then how can you last until lunchtime before eating something again? I just don’t get it.”
Another one commented: “I usually have my first snack about half an hour into my day at work but that’s because I’ve got used to it. If I don’t eat at the same time everyday then I feel so hungry by the time lunchtime comes around so I try to keep it consistent.”
A spokesperson for said: “When you’re working in an office environment, it’s normal to get quite peckish whilst at your desk. I think most people do have a morning snack to keep them going before lunchtime arrives. 
“Quite often office workers get into a routine so they have certain times of the day when they’ll have their first snack and then their lunch.  The danger only comes when it gets to lunchtime and you realise you’ve pilfered away at pretty much everything leaving you nothing for the rest of the day.”


  • Alexis Thompson

    I definitely couldn't last for very long after breakfast without having a snack. The key is snacking wisely - crisps, sweets etc end up leaving me feel worse! I've started going for healthier options like almonds and fruit - however by 3pm I always crave chocolate!

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