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My leadership lessons: Dr Caitlin Blake-Lane

Dr Caitlin Blake-Lane, director in the strategy team at Vardags, on the most important lesson she’s learnt in leadership so far

I have been incredibly fortunate to have worked in a number of vastly different industries throughout my career, from an equine veterinarian working with some of the world’s best racehorse trainers to a director of a top tier law firm. Irrespective of whether I am wearing overalls and boots or a suit and stilettos, I have fought to maintain my own sense of self, bringing my own brand of leadership to every role. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am constantly learning, picking up tips and tricks from those around me whom I admire, from people I have worked with directly, to a CEO whom I’ve met once, to the public figure I’ve only seen on TV, and I encourage those I mentor to do so too.  But whilst you can admire the way they handle themselves, their turn of phrase, or the way they inspire a team, if it is incongruent with your own style, it will come across as inauthentic. Tailoring your message or adapting your approach dependent on the audience is critical, but ultimately, you need to be true to your own brand otherwise you won’t be convincing.


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