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Leadership news for June 3

Rhian Morgan

High-street institution takes its final bow

The director general of the Institute of Directors has accused Sir Philip Green of  "deeply  damaging" the British business world. The administrators have now been called in to wind down BHS, with the loss of 11,000 jobs and the closure of all 163 stores.Green and Dominic Chappell, the former owners, left the company, which has been running for nearly 90 years and is a British institution, with a £571m pension deficit. Topshop boss Green owned BHS for 15 years and sold it to Chappell and his Retail Acquisitions consortium for £1 last year. The IOD chief, Simon Walker, told BBC radio 4: "Sir Philip Green is a very high-profile business leader. He is the person who has a £100m super-yacht. When someone like this ends up behaving like this, people think that own this kind of lavish thing." Asked about the calls for Green to help shore up the pension fund, Walker said: "He certainly has moral responsibilities and we need a proper investigation."


Public's concerns over Cameron's Brexit debate

There was plenty of reaction to the Prime Minister'stelevised Q&A over Brexit. Many accused him of scaremongering about the risks of an EU exit, and tackled him over his failures to curb immigration. He also lost his cool when questioned on the subject, insulting Sky News Political Editor Faisal Islam. He also failed to answer questions coherently and was accused of waffling.


Leaders take action over climate change

The Business & Climate Summit is taking place from June 28-29 at the Guildhall. It will bring together hundreds of global business leaders, policy makers and investors to mobilise support for enhanced climate action on the back of the signing of the Paris Agreement. The summit will be convened by a network of partners that represent more than 6 million businesses worldwide. The latest agenda is available here.


The happiest highly paid careers

Money might not buy happiness but in some jobs the two coexist nicely. In the US, a new study has found chief marketing officers, who earn an average annual salary of $171,000 (@ £119,000) earn the distinction of first place on this list of the happiest careers that pay six figures.

Fulfillment-focused job search site CareerBliss reviewed job ratings between January 2015 and April 2016. They found senior director of HR earned second place, while senior project manager takes third. Pharmacist and senior finance manager round out the top five.


And finally

The death knell has sounded for the boozy business lunch. The call for last orders has faded in to the ether for workers due to time restraints and financial pressures, a new report has claimed. Nearly half of all British workers are too busy to even leave their desks for lunch, according to the results of research conducted by restaurant reservation service Bookatable. The study found that the traditional business lunch has been in steady decline since the 1980s, despite 40% of British workers saying lunch with prospective clients is the most important factor in sealing a business deal.


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