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News: Lack of support the biggest stressor

Rhian Morgan

On National Stress Awareness Day, we look at a new report that reveals a lack of support is the biggest stressor in the workplace

If you feel that your boss doesn't understand you, it could be causing more stress than you realise.

A new study for Stress Awareness Day has revealed that a fifth (19%) of UK workers feel that a lack of resources and support are two of the biggest factors that contribute to stress in the workplace.  

The poll, from, reveals that a lack of leadership is the second-biggest stressor (15%), and unrealistic deadlines comes in third place at 14%. In these unpredictable times, it is perhaps unsurprising that 12% cite a lack of job security as their major concern. However, more surprising is the fact that only 8% listed long hours as their chief bugbear.

Andy Sumner, Managing Director for Monster UK & Ireland, commented: "With the lines between work and life become increasingly blurred, our research reiterates that support from employees and adequate resources are crucial to maintaining a positive state of mind at work.

"Mentoring is becoming important to workers as they look for guidance in staying on course and avoiding professional pitfalls. These workplace relationships can help ease stress at work and give employees a personal boost."  

If you want to avoid stress, Sumner has the following advice: "There are a few simple steps businesses can take to help address this issue – such as revaluating their current working practices, as well as introducing mentoring and training initiatives to show their workforce that they have the support that they need to reach their full potential."

  • If you need to manage stress and mental-health issues in your workplace, the organisation BITC has a free toolkit you can access.


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