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Five ways to improve your office party

Rebecca Mansfield

Talent blog

Our talent bloggers SilverDoor know how to throw a party – and they’re sharing their tips on how to have a great office do. Rebecca Mansfield has five ways you can make your christmas party better

The office Christmas party is something we really look forward to. With other companies posting strict guidelines to handle their own Christmas party, at SilverDoor we’ve put together a few alternative tips to make the most of the biggest work night of the year.

1. Do it on a Friday

Why host the Christmas party midweek and expect everyone to arrive bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the next morning? It’s not going to happen.  Half your workforce will turn up armed with a calorie-busting breakfast sandwich and then retire behind a raised desktop. The other half just won’t turn up. We’ll be hosting our party on 19th December, which is the last Friday before Christmas. Everyone in the company can enjoy the night without fear of sleeping through all six of the alarms set for the next morning.

2. What’s the worst that could happen?

“Don’t throw lager down the necks of your employees and not expect consequences,” our Commercial Director, Chris Gee, explains. If you provide an open bar then you need to be sympathetic if a few colleagues start dancing on tables or falling asleep in the loo.  We want everyone to enjoy the party and relax. If you’re going to be on your best behaviour, what’s the point?

3. Have a dress code

Be clear about the dress code. Why not go for disco shirts and party frocks? It’s making an effort without being overly formal. If you can, let the girls leave work an hour early to get ready. It’s a treat and will add to the excitement.

4. Make it minus one

Complimentary food and drink can be a little awkward if your plus one has done nothing but stand by the bar and buffet all evening. Why not make the all-expenses-paid Christmas party a treat just for your staff? There are plenty of other occasions when staff can invite their partners to events, so make the Christmas party a time to celebrate just with colleagues.

5. Ditch the speeches

No one wants a director listing off percentage sales growth figures at Christmas so make it light hearted, quick and entertaining.  Start with a few special mentions and ‘thank yous’ and then why not finish with a little company gossip? “The funniest office moments of the year” should get a mention and hopefully a laugh.

The office Christmas party is just that, a party. Eat, drink, dance, be merry and let your guard down a bit!


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