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Revealed: The most difficult jobs to fill

Matt McAllister

Despite high levels of unemployment in Europe and beyond, there are still certain jobs that companies are struggling to find qualified candidates for. Today, the careers website CareerBuilder released research showing which positions take the longest to fill in the world’s top 10 economies. Matt McAllister reports

According to the 5,000 hiring managers and HR professionals surveyed, the vacancies that take the longest to fill in the UK are: engineer; IT manager/network administrator; accountant; administrative assistant/secretary; computer programmer; and sales representative.

‘Engineer’ also came out as the hardest position to fill in the United States, France, Italy, Russia, China and Japan, and appears on the list of every one of the other countries surveyed.

Commenting on the findings, Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder, said that positions which remain open for a long period “can negatively impact both the financial health of a company and its overall employee morale”.

While there was some variation between the skills shortages of different countries (‘truck driver’ and ‘security guard’ are two of the most difficult positions to fill in Russia and the US, while ‘mechanic’ appears on the list for China), many of the same technical jobs appear on most or all of the lists, including ‘software developer’ and ‘IT manager’.


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