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Twitter Q&A: Engaging in development

Helen Mayson

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In last week’s Q&A, Kevin Young from Skillsoft UK shared his thoughts on engaging staff in L&D and what new technologies mean for learning at work

ILM_Inspire: Morning all - and morning Kevin Young @Skillsoft_UK, who's joining us today to talk all things employee #engagement. Can you give us a little introduction first @SkillsoftUK?

Skillsoft_UK: Skillsoft provides cloud based learning solutions for global enterprises, government, mid-sized & small businesses. I've been with the company since 1999 and am responsible for Skillsoft operations throughout EMEA... #engagement

ILM_Inspire: What do you think are the particular challenges facing L&D professionals in 2013?#engagement

Skillsoft_UK: L&D budgets can come under pressure in tough economic times but can be protected when the Board sees clear benefits #engagement

ILM_Inspire: Linked to that is a Q via DM – ‘How do I get my organisation’s buy in to invest more in staff?’#engagement

Skillsoft_UK: By making sure the programmes successfully deliver against key business objectives #engagement

ILM_Inspire: Are there ways to widen employee access to learning with limited L&D resources?#engagement

Skillsoft_UK: By making the best use of technology to deliver learning to as many employees as they can, quickly and efficiently#engagement

ILM_Inspire: Another via DM – 'What technology should L&D be investing in/upgrading to?'#engagement

Skillsoft_UK:A robust LMS and talent platform, collaboration software and of course great e-learning.#engagement

ILM_Inspire: Do you think social media/social learning is a part of that? #engagement

Skillsoft_UK: Yes, collaborative social technologies allow employees to learn together, share experiences & become more engaged #engagement 

ILM_Inspire:: Thanks Kevin - if anyone has any more Qs on L&D and #engagement, ask them in the comments below and we'll try to get them answered #engagement

Skillsoft_UK: Thank you for a great session, please contact us via twitter if you have any more questions or comments #engagement


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