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Top tips for better business writing

Nick Parker

Better business writing

Three big tips for sharper business writing from Nick Parker, creative director at communications agency The Writer

First things first – find out if your company has a tone of voice. If it does, use it. But do these things at the very least:

Write more like you speak (even if you’re saying something serious).

No one likes business-speak – it’s not clear and the message gets lost. So write more like you speak and your reader will understand you first time. The Writer’s research proves it.

How to check: Read your writing out loud. If you’re putting on a funny voice, like a 1950s newsreader, it’s not natural.

Ditch the HR jargon

Never assume your reader knows what ‘collaborative delivery’ means. So say it how it is to avoid confusing them – ‘working together’ sounds more human anyway.

How to check: Look at your writing from the reader’s point of view – will they understand it?

Shut up

Most business writing is too long. So say your main point first and leave out any waffle.

How to check: Will your reader get your main point in the first paragraph?


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