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Creating an office that works

Rebecca Mansfield

Talent blog

Where you work can have a big impact on your productivity and your mood. Rebecca Mansfield explains what SilverDoor have done to create a great space for their staff

Last week SilverDoor finished renovating our office space from 3 and 4 Dukes Gate, extending into number 5. As we grow in numbers, creating a working environment that is functional has never been so important to ensure efficiency. Our open plan office has been designed to facilitate SilverDoor’s purpose, vision and values.

Physical layout

Spread across three floors, the areas we have created are spacious, bright and simplistic. Desks are arranged in clusters of teams with the relevant manager working alongside to support and monitor. The open plan design means various departments work side by side to facilitate communication between functions. For example, Communications are placed next to the Digital Development team to increase productivity by better communication. Instead of having to make a phone call to another floor the teams can talk in person. We remove the trappings of hierarchy, with an open plan office, allowing relationships to grow.


Each floor houses one of our three Directors. With a modern, glass office partition system, our Directors have their own space whilst still having a presence amongst employees. This makes staff feel comfortable around Directors rather than fearing a higher power that they may never see. Our Directors walk past, and speak to us on a regular basis, no matter the position. The transparent office, and open plan design, facilitates relationships to flourish between every level of our company.

Our social haven

The kitchen and lounge area is a pivotal part of the business, which is situated on the third floor. Employees are actively encouraged to use this space to relax, socialise and eat. As part of our ‘Tidy Desk Policy’ employees eat in the kitchen; meaning we keep a clean and uncluttered work area. The area is complete with a breakfast bar, fully fitted kitchen, coffee machines, chairs and tables, TV, table football, two pool tables and a darts board. This is where we hold all of our social events and a number of internal meetings. Each area has been carefully planned with consideration and expertise.

Private offices can encourage electronic division, as opposed to direct communication. At SilverDoor we are praised for our ‘human touch’ that we provide with our service. Relationships are very important to us and our open plan office encourages communication amongst employees to facilitate this. When we take visitors such as clients, and potential employees around our offices, we receive great feedback that supports this. The spacious, bright and simplistic layout makes each day feel like a fresh start, uncluttered from the previous working day.

With an open plan office we believe our working practices are just that; open, organised and honest.


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