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Training programme drives promotions at Volvo Construction

Helen Mayson

Volvo news

Volvo Group UK have been busy training their managers to fill in leadership gaps – with a lot of success. Helen Mayson reports

One of the world’s biggest construction equipment providers is reaping the benefits after investing in a leadership training programme to address skills gaps and improve management competence.
Almost half of those who have undertaken Volvo Construction Equipment’s annual Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) scheme are celebrating promotions.
In collaboration with training provider TSW Training, the company has tailored the accredited ILM programme to address leadership gaps as part of the overall succession plan.
Since initiating the course in 2010, the company, which is a division of Volvo Group UK, has seen a range of employees from its UK depots broaden their skills and showcase hidden talents.

Maxine Knowles, HR Manager at Volvo Construction Equipment, said the programme has played a crucial role in filling the skills gaps across the company. “As a world-wide company with a fantastic reputation, we are passionate about building a strong team. Investing in the ILM Programme has been incredibly valuable to the business. In addition to ensuring we’re meeting our succession plan requirements, undertaking the scheme gives people a recognised qualification and the breadth of skills needed for management roles”.
To mark the success of the programme, the company has taken on its fifth cohort of trainees, which includes twelve employees from its Duxford, Treforest and Warrington depots. The group, which includes a range of employees including administrators, sales personnel and existing managers will immerse themselves in enhancing their leadership capabilities in order to progress to more senior levels.
After completing the course, which is taught across several mediums including e-learning and workshops, each person will receive an ILM qualification to boost theircareer prospects.
To create an effective programme, TSW Training has drawn upon Volvo Construction Equipment’s robust succession plan to create tailored modules that meet the competency needs of the business. Modules include finance, heath and safety and project management, enabling participants to move away from their area of expertise and learn additional skills that will benefit the company in the long term.

Promotion prospects

"We are delighted with the high promotion rate as it demonstrates the programme improves confidence, showing people from different job roles that they have the ability to broaden their abilities and take on new tasks," says Knowles. "The number of our ILM qualified employees who have since been involved in major business projects has highlighted this. We have found some really talented people through this scheme, including some shining stars who were not previously on our radar but excelled at every assessment and consistently scored high grades”.
TSW Training said that the programme is very competitive and 'hard work', meaning participants have to balance it with full time work. “However, the level of promotions shows budding leaders really benefit from it in the long run. We are looking forward to seeing more people progress their careers within Volvo Construction Equipment through this scheme," says Gareth Harris, Group Business Development Manager at TSW Training. "As it is an annual programme, we ensure the modules consistently match the needs of the company”.


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