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Sharing local knowledge

Rebecca Mansfield

Talent blog

While it’s easy to get caught up in the head down, lunch at your desk attitude of a busy office, Rebecca Mansfield from SilverDoor says it’s important to get to know the city where you and your staff work

In Manchester, take a walk across the cobbles of Thomas Street in the Northern Quarter and through the back alleys near Oi Polloi and The Millstone. Here you’ll find the historic Matt and Phredd’s jazz club that’s open for food, drinks and live music every night. In Sheffield, head down Devonshire Street for vintage boutiques and a selection of bars before ending on Devonshire Green; home of Tramline’s music festival. These are the kind of intricate details that a resident of that particular city would know.

It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in day to day activities of working life without taking the time to appreciate your surroundings. Whether you’ve temporarily relocated for three months or you’ve worked in the same location for the past three years, do you actually know the city you work in?

Each member of our Client Account Management team specialises in specific areas; whether they’ve grown up, studied, worked or regularly visit them. The point being that we always ensure our account managers know the city you work in. We continuously inspect apartments, to not only familiarise ourselves with the property, but the local area too.

From the beginning, we familiarise employees with a selection of serviced apartments in London that we provide by sending them on the City walk as part of their induction. They’re given a physical map (not Google), and a list of selected properties to visit that are inside the City boundaries.

Do you work in London and know the City boundaries? Are you aware all distances to London are measured from The Statue of Charles I in Trafalgar Square? Would you know this is in Charing Cross which is the centre of London? Knowing local area information will not only benefit you in the business environment but act as a topic for conversation and make you feel more at home.

Finding business travellers serviced apartments whilst they temporarily relocate isn’t just about finding the right accommodation, it’s also about providing detailed knowledge of the area so they can get the most from their stay.

Sharing knowledge with your employees about the local area isn’t just a way to help them find the best local coffee or the quirky pub for an after-work drink – it can really help your employees settle into a new area and get the most from their new job.

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Rebecca Mansfield is from SilverDoor


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