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Better work life balance top New Year’s resolution

Helen Mayson

Work life balance

As the new year cranks into gear, a new survey reveals that managers plan to strive for a better work/life balance in 2014

We’re fully into the new working year now and with most employees back at their desks, thoughts are turning to the things you might do differently in 2014. As well as the usual resolutions (lose weight, stop smoking, exercise more), many managers are vowing to improve their work/life balance in the coming year, according to a new survey from the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).

Managers are on a mission to stop regularly spending long hours in the office and devote more time to home, family and hobbies, with 31% of those surveyed saying this was their top priority.

Other resolutions included to get more training or a new qualification (28%), to become a better manager (13%) and to be more productive at work (11%). A further 4% wanted to develop better relationships with their colleagues.

“It’s interesting to see that almost one third of people are hoping to improve their work/life balance in 2014,” says Charles Elvin, CEO of ILM.  “This suggests that those organisations with the flexible working practices to provide greater balance will find it easier to retain and attract talented staff.”

Leadership lessons

The survey suggests that many managers want better standards of leadership where they work, with 17% wishing their bosses had a more transparent leadership style and 19% hoping to improve their own leadership skills.

“The survey reinforces the importance of leadership to workers in the UK, and in particular the desire for greater transparency in the workplace,” says Elvin. “This should be an important consideration for both current managers and those looking to improve their leadership skills.”


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