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ILM Proud to support professions week 2014

Helen Mayson

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ILM are proud to be supporting Professions Week 2014, giving young people the exciting opportunity to understand the wide range of professions on offer to them.

The UK’s second Professions Week is taking place from 10 to 16 November 2014

The week will aim to increase interest and awareness among 14-19 year olds to find out what entry paths exist for certain jobs and professions. It’s aimed especially at those without family or social links to people who can give professional guidance.

The Institute of Leadership and Management is a huge supporter and sponsor of this event as it believes there is nothing more important than supporting well qualified teachers and careers advisors with relevant materials to help young people or adult learners make informed decisions about their future.

"Awareness of the professions among schools, parents, government and ultimately young people is something the Institute of Leadership and Management feels very strongly about it.  Knowledge gives people choices." – CEO Charles Elvin, Institute of Leadership and Management


A high-profile reception in the House of Commons will take place on 10 November to officially launch the Week. This will be followed by a series of regional and local activities organised by over 17 leading professional bodies, involving schools, colleges and other institutions, such as ourselves.


Professions Week grew organically when a Sterling White Paper in August 2012, highlighted that a series of separate but interlinked government policies were combining to hinder access to the professions. It was concluded that enhanced collaboration among the professional bodies could deliver a powerful unifying force for the sector. This combined ‘buying power’, delivered under the umbrella of a Professions Week, could help to deliver a significant change in the awareness of the professions among teachers and trainers.

"By professional bodies like Institute of Leadership and Management mobilising their membership we can affect significant change for the workforce of tomorrow." – CEO Charles Elvin, Institute of Leadership and Management


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