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How do you get managers to engage in coaching?

Sue Weekes

managers crossing a bridge between minds

Sue Weekes asks how organisations can get managers to engage in the coaching process for the benefit of the business

Coaching is still a misunderstood area, so at the outset it is important to ensure that managers fully understand the role of a coach and how coaching techniques can be used in the workplace. Stress the initiative has top level buy-in and discuss the broad aims of putting in place an internal coaching facility and why it is important to the organisation. Secure buy in by explaining the vital part they will play in the process (it’s not something being ‘done’ to them) and convey the career benefits of having a formal coaching qualification. Emphasise that coaching will also help to unlock and develop their full potential as a manager and leader.

How coaching impacts the bottom line

Historically, coaching has been seen as a fluffy HR initiative rather than something that can positively impact the bottom line so back up your claims with data. According to ILM research, 90% of organisations with more than 2,000 employees use business coaching and 95% claim it has delivered tangible benefits to their business. Like any training intervention, it is important to quantify the effectiveness of coaching and in the past there has been plenty of debate about tracking its return on investment (ROI). Some experts believe that becoming too preoccupied with ROI can mean that organisations get sidetracked on particular business issues and fail to maximise the full potential of coaching. Putting in place a number of different assessment methods is therefore the best advice. Align coaching objectives with those of the business and put in place key performance indicators like you would for any other intervention but balance this with more holistic approaches. For instance, measure employee engagement, satisfaction, wellbeing and absenteeism to assess whether coaching has had a positive impact on these areas. Its impact can also be assessed in internal appraisal systems.

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