ILM Accreditation Alignment

Make your course go the extra mile. Our in-house mapping team will help you to obtain an ILM qualification which aligns to your existing training programme.

What do we do? 

  • We look at your course materials and assessments and decide on whether there is sufficient information to achieve a good match.
  • We scope your materials and provide a price for the alignment as a day rate.
  • We look for ‘equivalence’ between your qualification assessments and the ILM assessment criteria so that each assessment is robust and at the correct level and sufficiency.

Why align your programmes to ILM qualifications?


Read more: ILM Accreditation Alignment brochure

How do we map your programmes to ILM qualifications?

By completing the enquiry form [LINK] we can put you in touch with your Business and Development Manager (BDM) who will guide you through the process and connect you with our assessment team. You will be asked to provide a course overview in the form of a handbook or publicity leaflet, the course planner, the units/ module information and assessment information. It also helps if you have a view on the level and length of qualification required. However, we can guide you towards our wide range of qualifications available.

Can my programme be dual accredited?

Yes, it can. Dual accreditation is the outcome of two accredited qualifications being recognised as ‘equivalent’ for the purpose of awarding dual certification – one by the host organisation and one by ILM. For example this can occur when certain core modules in a University degree are recognised in an ILM qualification. For dual accreditation eligibility, both qualifications need to be regulated by a UK qualifications regulator(e.g. Ofqual, QAA). However, most employer-based programmes do not fulfil this criteria and will receive single accreditation of the ILM qualification.

How does mapping work?

If your course achieves a ‘full match’, the completed template is sent back to you and your Quality and Compliance Manager (QCM) supports you through the next stage of programme approval so that you can register your learners with ILM and after a successful internal (IV) and external (EV) verification you can claim certification on behalf of your learners.

Do you prefer to do your own mapping and submit it to us for review?

You can do that by selecting a template from the list below and add your programme and assessment details.

Please send it to us for review with your completed enquiry form. We will assign you a Business and Development Manager who will liaise with our Assessment Team.

For more information please refer to the leaflet about single and dual accreditation (link). Please contact our Customer Services Team for more information by …