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ILM Assessment Portal

The ILM Assessment Portal is a quick and easy way to keep track of assessments you have submitted to us for marking. Over the coming months, we will be rolling out the Portal to all customers who have signed up to the ILM Assessment service. You'll receive a secure online log-in that allows you to:

  • view learners, whom you have already registered on our ‘Walled Garden’ system against one or more ILM Assessment qualifications;
  • upload and submit files securely on behalf of relevant learner(s) for marking;
  • track progress of work submitted, including final results and feedback from ILM;
  • sort and filter records, to call up information you want when you want it;
  • export data Excel, so you can save time on internal management reporting.

User help

The best way to take advantage of the ILM Assessment Portal is by following the basic training below.

We recommend you start with these short webinars, then dip in and out of the Customer Guide as needed. The tool is relatively simple and straightforward.

Our Administrators are also more than happy to offer guidance when you use the new tool.

Webinar 1a - Submit Unit Assessments

This is your starting point if you submit single unit assessments to ILM for marking. A unit assessment is where each individual submission is marked against a single ILM unit. If the same learner completes two units, for example, these are two separate unit assessments.

Webinar 1b - Submit Integrated Assessments

This webinar will only be relevant to you if you have received our prior approval to submit integrated assessments. This is where the same collection of evidence from an individual learner is marked against multiple units within an ILM Qualification. For example, evidence from a Health and Safety presentation is marked against one unit on Health and Safety and a further unit on effective communication.

Webinar 2 - Use the Tracker

This second webinar is for all Portal users. Learn how to filter and track assessment submissions, then identify and download results.

Customer Guide

Download our step-by-step guide to the Portal

Customer FAQs

Got a question about the Portal that isn't covered in our user help material? See below for our FAQs.

When will my Centre get to use the Portal?

We are rolling out the Portal to the majority of our customers during April, May and June 2017. If you’ve already signed up to the ILM Assessment Service, you should have received an initial email from us about these broad timeframes. We will confirm the exact timings with you at least two weeks in advance of your go-live date. In the meantime, please look at our user help material.

Can I send re-submissions via the Portal as well?

For re-submissions, where the originals were marked under our old email system, please email us the re-submission.

Once you receive feedback for an assessment via the Portal itself, you should re-submit via the Portal.

If you're paying for re-assessments, we recommend you click ‘Submit as a Batch’ on the Portal and enter your purchase order number as the batch name. This will help with tracking.

Will I see learners’ details that I have already registered on Walled Garden?

Yes. You will have secure access to learner information for your own Centre, which draws from your entries on our Walled Garden system.

You will obviously only see learners whom you’ve registered against ILM Assessment qualifications, rather than all ILM qualifications (and you won’t see details if the registration has expired).

If you register a new learner on Walled Garden, you can expect to see this data on the Portal within 48 hours.

What impact will the roll-out have on my workload?

Beyond the need for you to familiarise yourself with the Portal, we do not anticipate any increase in workload. Very positive feedback from customers to date illustrates how it can help you: it replaces the need to spend time searching for emails to keep track of progress, marks and results.

Will I receive email alerts when results are published on the Portal for my Centre?

No. Past experience shows that email alerts are not always helpful and can become quite off-putting when they keep arriving. Instead, we will show you how to check the Tracker feature on the Portal as an alternative to checking email. The information will be there at your fingertips to check at any time you please.

Will the Portal show our historic records?

We will show records for anything you have submitted via the Portal, but do not have staff capacity to manually upload old assessments and marks that were previously submitted to us via email.

Should we keep our own records?

We recommend you familiarise yourself with the online Tracker feature and then make a decision that is suitable for your own Centre. Please bear in mind that once we have archived old records, after roughly three years, they will no longer be accessible via the Portal.

If you still have a question that isn't covered in our FAQs, please get in touch with us.


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