Workbooks and delivery packs

Need a one-stop-shop for leadership, management or coaching training resources? ILM can help.

Our resources packs and eWorkbooks will help you set up engaging Leadership and Management or Coaching programmes in next to no time. 

  • Management Apprenticeship resources

    Designed to support on-programme delivery of the Team Leader/Supervisor and Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship Standards, our new workbooks will help you to create innovative programmes that develop leadership skills in every industry.

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  • Coaching Packs

    To support customers looking to deliver our coaching qualifications, we have teamed up with National Training Award-winners Worth Consulting to create two comprehensive Coaching Resource Packs that provide a complete solution for trainers delivering our coaching and mentoring qualifications at levels 3 and 5*.

    Key features:

    • Comprehensive trainer manual
    • Learner manual
    • PowerPoint presentation
    • Pre-course reading and preparation work
    • Trainer hand-outs, exercises and agenda
    • DVD
    • Digital pack comes with an unlimited licence use.


    • Our packs are custom built around ILM qualifications and are based on the award winning OSCAR coaching model
    • Available in a choice of hard copy and digital formats
    • Add your brand to the materials and tailor the content to appeal to your customers.

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    • Download the info leaflet to learn more about the packs
    • Level 3 digital copy pack £7,000
    • Level 5 digital copy pack £8,000
    • Purchase together £10,000

    Prices for Coaching and Mentoring packs include the ILM centre add-on approval costs for the qualification(s). Your organisation must still go through the required approval process, but it is greatly simplified by purchase of the Coaching Resource Packs.


    *N.B. Staff delivering the programmes must be occupationally competent to become approved to deliver a qualification. For specific occupational competency requirements please see the ILM Level 3 Coaching qualifications Part B specifications or the ILM Level 5 qualifications in Coaching and Mentoring Part B specifications.

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  • eWorkbooks

    Specifically designed with trainers in mind, our eWorkbooks are designed to aid the delivery of leadership and management programmes. We cover a full range of key topics, that once completed, will enable the learner to successfully manoeuvre their way through a myriad of work related issues.

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  • Resources Mapping Guide

    Our training resources are a perfect fit for specific ILM qualifications, but equally many are adaptable and can add value to non-qualification related development.

    Here is our ready reckoner to help you decide which resources are right for you:

    ILM qualifications and level Delivery resource 
    Team Leaders and Team Supervisors  


    ILM Level 2 Award and Certificate in Leadership and Team Skills

    ILM Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading 



    Junior managers, First-line managers or Supervisors  


    ILM Level 3 Qualifications in Leadership and Management




    ILM Level 3 Award and Certificate in Coaching


    Middle managers  


    ILM Level 4 Qualifications in Leadership and Management





    ILM Level 5 Qualifications in Leadership and Management

    ILM Level 5 Diploma in Principles of Leadership and Management




    ILM Level 5 Certificate and Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring



    We also offer a range of psychometric assessment tools that can be easily integrated to add value to any ILM programmes to help evaluate, prepare and engage learners in their development.

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