Coaching FAQs & Supplementary Resources

Everything you need to know about our new suite of Coaching and Mentoring qualifications, including how to convert current registrations, recognise prior learning and supplementary resources to support the achievement of the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring.

If you have any further questions that are not stated here, please get in touch. Our dedicated team is on hand to guide you through the process.


Conversion from existing qualification approval to new qualification approval

Straight conversion for centres to convert from the existing to the new qualifications, on a like for like basis by providing:

  • An outline SOW (Scheme of Work).
  • An assessment strategy.
  • A conversion form that will also ask if there are anystaff changes for the delivery of the Coaching and Mentoring programmes
  • A Centre Update Form (CUF) if there are any staff changes as per the above.

Situation with Direct Claims Status (DCS)

  • DCS will remain for the original qualifications, where already achieved. However, the new suite of qualifications will default to 02 and be granted if appropriate at first sampling.

Changing programme mid-way through to take advantage of fewer coaching hours (e.g. Level 3 Certificates, Level 5 Diploma and Level 7 Diplomas):

  • Candidate may RPL (Recognition of prior learning) the knowledge unit of qualification.
  • Re-register on new qualification and complete the new 'Undertaking and Reflection' Units.
  • Registration fee will have to be paid if re-registering.

Progressing/topping up from Arom Award to Certificate at Level 3; from Certificate to Diploma at Level 5 & 7 (& Supervision)

  • Candidate may RPL (Recognition of prior learning) knowledge unit of each qualification.
  • Register on new qualification and complete the new 'Undertaking and Reflection' Units.

Candidates wishing to have RPL of the coaching hours already completed on the shorter programmes 

  • Centre would have to re-mark the 'Undertaking' unit using the new mark sheet and establish if the evidence supports a pass for the new unit.
  • Register the candidates on the new qualification.
  • Candidates would have to complete the 'Reflection' unit based on the longer hours in the new qualification. 

Top Up Codes

  • Top up code from new Awards to Certificates and Certificates to Diplomas
  • Top up codes from existing Awards to new Certificates and Certificates to Diplomas.


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