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What is a digital credential?

A digital credential or badge is a verified, visual representation of knowledge and skills earned in various learning environments.

What is the benefit of a digital credential?

Because digital credentials are issued and verified online, unlike paper certificates they make it easy for individuals to demonstrate their competencies to employers, clients and peers online. Each digital credential has a unique URL that can be shared electronically via social media, in your email signature, on your CV, and more.

What’s the difference between a digital credential and digital badge?

ILM’s digital credentials are built on Open Badge technology. We feel that the term credential reflects your level and achievement, beyond its representation in a badge. However, around the ILM site and help system you will see various terms including credentials, badges and credits.

Why have ILM decided to issue digital credentials?

Digital credentials help you gain recognition by allowing you to easily display and share your achievements. As they are available online they are portable and transparent, and the detail behind each badge means others can see what it took for you to earn your achievement. According to LinkedIn research, profiles with certifications and badges receive six times the number of profile views.

What other digital credentials do ILM have available?

Click on the ILM logo on the Homepage of our credentials site to see all the digital credentials currently available.

If you are logged in, then any credentials you have already been awarded will be indicated with a green tick.

Will I receive a digital credential for other ILM qualifications I’ve already completed?

Yes! If the credential is already available you can claim your credential right away. Eventually all of our qualifications will include digital badges which you will be able to claim retrospectively.

Do I have to accept a credential?

You do not have to accept a digital credential, however, you will not be able to share your credential publicly unless you accept it (after creating an account).

How long do I have to claim or accept the credential?

There is no time limit to claim or accept your digital credential.

How will others see what it took to earn that achievement?

When you share a digital credential then people can view certain information including a description of your achievement, the criteria you were assessed against and who made that assessment decision. This information can be found when you click on the badge itself, which takes you through to a page containing full details of the learning experience behind the credential.

What does it mean to ‘Auto Accept’?

Choosing to ‘Auto-Accept’ when you are issued a credential, means you can automatically accept all future credentials that come from ILM quickly and easily.

How do I share my digital credentials?

Once you have accepted the badge and it is in the Dashboard area, simply click on that credential and select the Share button. You’ll see several options for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.  With each social media organization, you’ll be asked to sign into that service before the credential is published.

Can I simply share my whole profile?

You can share the URL to your public profile page with anyone you choose, which will allow the viewer to see all the ILM digital credentials you have. To ensure that all your credentials are visible to the person when they open the link, make sure you have chosen to make your credential ‘Public’ from your Dashboard.

What is the difference between Dashboard and View Profile?

The Dashboard is where you can ‘manage’ your credentials: you can delete them, set their status to public or private or share them to your social media sites. View Profile is your public profile page which a third party can view (if you allow them to).

How can I embed multiple badges on my website or blog?

The ILM Digital Credentials site lets you embed credentials in your own web site or blog. You can choose the look and feel of the badge as it appears on your own site. You can also choose to embed a single credential.

How will someone know my digital credential is authentic?

Your badge is linked to your profile on ILM’s Digital Credentials site, which includes verified information. Every badge and profile has a unique URL.

Can someone copy or steal my badge?

No, your digital credential is awarded to your unique name and email address. If someone were to copy the credential image, it would be unverified and invalid. There would be no “meta-data” or additional information about the credential.

What if I have more than one email address?

You can link multiple e-mail addresses to your profile. This means that if, for example, your digital credential is delivered to your work e-mail, but your social media accounts are linked to a personal e-mail, it is a seamless experience to share your accomplishment.  Use the dropdown tool to the right of your name at the top of your page.  Select Account Settings and you will see the option to add an email.

How are digital credentials issued?

A digital credential is issued to a learner upon successful completion of their City & Guilds/ILM qualification, where a valid learner email address has been provided. A digital credential cannot be issued without a learner's email address. 

We treat personal data with the utmost care and privacy. To find out more about how we process personal data concerning the issuing of learners' digital credentials, please read our privacy policy.

How can centres ensure their learners receive a digital credential?

When registering the learner's mandatory details, please ensure to add in the learner's email address found under the 'add optional details' section within Walled Garden. Upon successful completion of their course, learners will receive an email from City & Guilds/ILM via Acclaim by Credly platform, which will enable them to accept their badge.

A digital credential cannot be issued without a learner's email address. 

Who is Acclaim by Credly?

Acclaim by Credly is the organisation that developed and maintains the online platform that ILM uses to deliver its digital credentialing service. Thousands of organisations also use Aclaim by Credly, including Yale University, Harvard, Adobe and Smithsonian. By opting in to receive your ILM digital credential, you confirm your agreement to Credly’s privacy policy and terms of service.

How does Acclaim by Credly protect my information?

To claim your digital credential, you are required to share your name and email address with Aclaim by Credly. However, although Credly is a US based organisation, the platform is fully GDPR compliant, you can find further information on this here.

And remember, you are in control of what you share and make visible to other users. Define what you choose to share by opting for private or public to determine if your credentials can be seen by others.

Just watch out for these eye icons – closed means private and open means it is public and can be seen by others if you choose to share your profile.

Where do I go if I have questions about my digital credentials?

You can email ILM at

There’s also lots of useful resources within the ILM Digital Credentials site, there’s a link at the bottom of the screen or find them here.