Help your learners to obtain an ILM qualification which aligns to your existing training programme.

ILM’s dual-accreditation service aligns your academic modules with the ILM units, leading to a full ILM Professional qualification. ILM dual-accreditation has supported 1000s of students to showcase their Leadership and Management skills to date.

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How does ILM dual-accreditation service work?

The ILM dual-accreditation service reviews your institutes programme materials and assessment to identify equivalence with the ILM unit content and assignments.

We look for ‘equivalence’ between your qualification assessments and the ILM assessment criteria so that each can provide sufficient information to enable learners to meet the robust criteria.

Why align your programmes to ILM qualifications?

Motivate.   Add value.   Stand out.

Offer an internationally recognised qualification awarded under Royal Charter by The City and Guilds of London Institute.

  Without imposing additional time or workload commitments on your learners.   Align your academic pathways to a market-leading specialist brand for leadership, management and coaching qualifications.



Dual accreditation is the outcome of two accredited qualifications being recognised as ‘equivalent’ for the purpose of awarding dual certification – one by the host organisation and one by ILM e.g. when modules in a University degree are recognised in an ILM qualification. For dual-accreditation eligibility, both qualifications need to be provided by an organisation either regulated by a UK qualifications regulator (e.g. Ofqual) or having degree awarding powers (e.g. a University). Most employer-based programmes do not fulfil this criteria and will receive the single accreditation of an ILM qualification.


Our unique dual-accreditation service provides additional benefits:

  • Co-branded dual-accreditation digital credentialUse of the ILM's dual-accreditation logo to promote the dual-branded pathways with students and key stakeholders
  • Digital credentials that extend the reach of your Institute's brand and showcases your graduate's achievements online.
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