Management apprenticeships | become a centre

    ILM’s management apprenticeships are fully compliant with funding requirements and straightforward to implement.

    Follow this simple, five step process for your centre to be able to offer ILM apprenticeships.

    1. Become an ILM approved centre

    To offer ILM apprenticeships you need to be both an approved ILM and City & Guilds centre.

     If you are approved with either organisation already, the other will offer you fast-track centre approval completely free of charge.

    2. Gain the appropriate qualification approvals

    To offer ILM apprenticeships, you need to gain the appropriate qualification approvals. This may incur a fee. Contact us and ILM will support you through the setup process and provide a range of discounted approval routes for new business.

    3. Learner registration

    Register your apprentices onto all three qualification elements of the ILM apprenticeship package in one step via the online administration portal ILM Walled Garden.

    4. Completion and assessment

    You can deliver in any combination to suit you and your apprentices. When the apprentice is ready to submit their Functional Skills assessed elements, register them for testing on the City & Guilds Walled Garden and enter the test date, a two-step process.

    5. Certification

    Centres will automatically receive appropriate certificates for their successful apprentices. Certificates for the VRQ and NVQ components are issued by ILM. The Functional Skills certificates are issued by City & Guilds.

    Once you’ve received all the certificates, return them along with the ERR workbooks and PLTS mapping documents to the Council for Administration (CfA) accompanied by an ‘Apprenticeship Certificate Request Form’, available from CfA

    CfA will then issue a full Apprenticeship Certificate.

    Get in touch

    If you would like to start offering ILM apprenticeship packages, get in touch – email Customer Service Team or call 01543 266867, who are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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