City values: making ethics work

    ILM, in partnership with business and City leaders, has launched a new course to embed ethics at the heart of financial businesses.

    The Lord Mayor Alderman Roger Gifford We are all immensely grateful to everyone who has contributed to this important piece of work...I commend it to every workplace and every worker in the City.

    British businesses face a real challenge in ensuring their leadership reflects their values, and upholds the highest ethical standards.  The challenges for managers in particular have been highlighted in recent research by ILM and Business in the Community.  The research also showed how a values based leadership approach has a positive effect on innovation and organisational performance.

    At the same time, businesses are under more scrutiny than ever and nowhere more so than the City of London.  Awareness of this and the need to restore and safeguard the trust needed for the City to thrive, led to the the creation of the City Values Forum.

    Working with the Forum and alongside Cass Business School and with the support of the City HR Association and the Lord Mayor of London, ILM has launched the City Foundation Course.  The course is designed specifically to equip managers in the financial services industry to take ethically sound decisions and lead with integrity.


    Richard Sermon, Chair City Values Forum It is a contribution to the process of reasserting the values for which the city stands.


    Speaking at the course's formal launch event at Mansion House, Richard Sermon, Chair of City Values Forum described the new course as enabling managers in the City "to assimilate, cultivate and apply those standards of integrity with which the City has traditionally been associated."


    ILM's CEO Charles Elvin

    Lead with integrity

    Our City Foundation Course develops effective and ethical managers, in a time when corporate integrity has never been more important. 

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