Understanding Leadership Webinar

Improve the way you manage and lead your teams through ILM's new interactive webinar, understanding leadership. Gain a deeper understanding of behaviours, leadership styles and tips that help you manage and understand your team more effectively.

This interactive webinar is aimed at new and aspiring Managers who want to grow or improve their confidence and role as an effective leader.

Event details

1 July 2019, 07.30 & 09.00 (BST time)

2 July 2019, 08.00 & 11.30 (BST time)

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Who should attend?

  1. Managers.
  2. Aspiring Managers.
  3. Anyone wanting to improve their Leadership and Management skills.

What will I will learn in this workshop?

  1. Learn to build trust in a team.
  2. Understand how to manage a team effectively through understanding styles and when to use them.
  3. Identifying and understanding leadership behaviour and leadership styles.
  4. Tools and tips to use in your role as a leader.

What will I gain from attending?

understanding leadership badgeILM are now able to help you see all skills, through the addition of digital badging. On completion of the workshop, you will receive a digital badge to add and share to your digital CV. Take control of how people see your skills. Share your badge through social and digital networks and connect to more opportunities and build your career. You will join thousands of individuals who are already using digital credentials to revolutionise how they share skills.

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