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Government urged to remove barriers to employer investment in apprenticeships

As employers wait for a Government consultation, City & Guilds Group's latest research, Flex for Success? reveals 92% say they want to see greater flexibility in how they can spend funds, with 93% citing some form of blocker to investing in apprenticeships.

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Employers risk fuelling UK skills crisis

New research from ILM – the UK’s leading specialist provider of leadership qualifications – reveals that almost two thirds (62%) of UK professionals say they are not “very well equipped” to do their job. Even more workers (69%) feel unprepared for the changing workplace, warning that they will need to acquire new skills in order to do their job in the next two to five years.

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UK workplaces at risk of “contagious leadership”

New research on the nation’s workforce from ILM, the UK’s leading specialist provider of leadership qualifications, revealed that workplace behaviours are highly infectious, with 74% of professionals having actively emulated attributes seen in their colleagues.

Some of the most contagious traits are also the most critical to get right, including communication, copied by a fifth (18%) of workers, problem solving (9%), and customer service (10%).

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ILM calls for employers to capitalise on next-generation apprenticeships

New research from ILM, found that more than half (59%) of the UK’s HR professionals are not aware of new standards that enable apprenticeships to be used as a means to address the critical needs of their business.

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Rigid workplace cultures are holding back employees

More than half of UK workers feel that both the structure and culture of their workplaces are holding them back from doing their job more effectively.

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ILM calls on businesses to address 'leadership lag' post-Brexit

ILM, calls for businesses to boost leadership at all levels of the workplace in its manifesto as research reveals employees lack confidence and inspiration from leaders at work, with UK PLC refocusing on training post-Brexit

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BIS announces new Trailblazer Apprenticeships standards, with ILM support

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has today released new Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards for management, enabling employers to tailor apprenticeship schemes to reflect their business needs.

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