A Social Approach - Engaging with ILM

A social approach - Engaging with ILM

14 December 2017

At ILM we’re using social media more and more, and are finding it a great way to engage with our audiences – particular with you, our ILM community.

To ensure that we all get the most out of the platforms, we’ve put together this quick overview of how we can best connect on social media, helping build momentum together; growing your following, advocating your brand and leveraging your offering.

The ILM Social Brand:

ILM is active on a number of social platforms and has an engaged audience spanning from learning centres to learners and thought leaders. We are committed to conversational social media interaction about leadership and management. Our regular hashtag is #LeadershipWithoutLimits and we encourage all our centres and learners undertaking our qualifications to include this when engaging and sharing their experiences, insights, events, findings, queries and achievements.

#LeadershipWithoutLimits can be used across all platforms and to further engage with the ILM audience we always appreciate a mention. This can be done by simply placing an @ before the below ILM profile links:

Twitter: @ILM_UK

Instagram: @ILM_UK

Facebook: @ILMUK1

LinkedIn: @ILM_UK

We try to share and like as much relevant content as possible to ensure that our audience sees the value in remaining engaged with the ILM brand. We don’t retweet or comment on everything, but we aren’t ignoring you; we just want to make sure we aren’t inundating our mutual audiences with content.  Simply by mentioning us, you’ll be sure to reach our audience.

We are always at hand to help and answer any questions. Feel free to reach out to us by direct message on social media on one of our platforms below:

Facebook                                 Twitter                                         LinkedIn

Or by mailing ILM Marketing 

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