Amway Academy: Empowering entrepreneurs through leadership education

Amway, the largest direct selling organisation in the world, teaches leadership to people from all backgrounds. Through its Academy, which is an ILM recognised provider, the company runs an annual 7-month training programme taking ‘qualifying’ business entrepreneurs through the foundational principles of good leadership as well as sparking an interest in mentoring and coaching. In the UK alone, 35,000+ Amway Business Owners are distributing Amway products from well-being: beauty; cookware and homecare items – and all of them have access to the Academy’s training programme.  

What makes the concept so interesting is the fact that the content they are delivering has the potential to reach people with different levels of education and status, starting with professionals, who might be working with Amway on a part-time basis, to students, full-time entrepreneurs and those close to or already retired. Maxine Gabriel, Education Manager, explains:

We help our business owners, through our personal development educational programmes to ‘help themselves’. As we work with a very diverse group of people whose educational levels vary greatly, we aspire to give them all an equal opportunity to access common business skills. Leadership skills are essential for all entrepreneurs, not just for the business they do through Amway, but also for their future development. In the end, good leadership attributes are exactly the same, irrespective of the industry or sector.

amway academy ilm recognised provider 
The 2017 Amway Academy graduation ceremony took
place at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant - to match the content 
of one of the first introductory sessions the learners attended 
on the course

amway academy ilm recognised provider
The 2014 Amway Academy learners’ cohort, proudly displaying 
their ILM-recognised certificates

Why ILM?

As a large international company, Amway operates on a European-wide level so having a recognisable certification mark is very important. Maxine adds: “We were looking for a way to validate our training programmes in a manner that would make them meaningful outside of Amway and valuable in all areas of life. Our business owners love the fact that the certificate they receive from Amway Academy is co-branded with ILM. From the moment we mention the ILM endorsement, they feel highly recognised and more confident in their abilities and proud of their achievement”. Our partnership with ILM has proven to be highly beneficial, especially the great support we receive from our Business Development Manager.

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