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Updated guidance for delivering VRQs and ILM Assessment Service policy updates  

We have updated a number of our guidance materials on delivering VRQs, which are now available for you to download.  

The key updates and changes include:  


ILMA Policy & Guidance

We have updated the ILMA Policy and Guidance.  

Updates include:  

  • Updated roles involved in the ILMA service to include the Service Delivery Manager, Associate Management Team and Technical Advisors (page 5)  
  • Additional Centre guidance on learner preparation and assignment word count (page 7)  
  • A new welcome process for new centres or centres adding new ILMA qualifications to their contract in the ‘7 Steps’ (page 8)  
  • Updated policies and links (page 13). 

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Learner Statement of Authenticity

No major changes here, just a refresh and layout change to ensure all the required information is captured on one page.  

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ILM Assessment Verbs with examples

We know getting the verbs right can be difficult so we have redeveloped our ILM Assessment Verbs document so it now provides examples of each verb in use. Along with the verb definitions we hope this will really help your learners understand how to respond successfully to the assessment criteria. 

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Part A document on Supporting Notes for ILM VRQs

  • Terminology updated e.g. total qualification time has been added 
  • Glossary has been updated 
  • Learner journey examples have been updated 

We are pleased to advise customers that we have updated the Part A document which offers generic guidance and is intended to support and accompany all ILM VRQ specifications. The document offers guidance to centres who are planning the delivery of these qualifications and covers a range of topics such as the structure of VRQ’s, marking, occupational competency of the delivery staff etc. The updates have been made to ensure that the guidance reflects current terminology. In addition the example Learner Journey and Lesson plans have been updated to cover current units. 

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If you have any issues accessing these documents our dedicated Customer Services team are available to support. 

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