Addressing the leadership lag: An ILM Manifesto

How to survive and thrive in times of change

In the wake of the Brexit referendum it’s easy to feel alarmed by the impending upheaval, but let’s take this opportunity to shake things up and ensure that our organisations are fully equipped and relevant for the future. And nowhere is this needed more than with leadership. 

ILM’s research, based on responses from over 500 employers and 2000 employees, finds that there is a clear ‘leadership lag’ that needs to be addressed in order for the UK to remain economically competitive. Read more about the research findings in our press release.

What is the Manifesto, “Addressing the leadership lag”?

In our Manifesto, we outline how organisations can rise to this challenge by improving leadership. It’s an opportunity for us to change the conversation about leadership - to shift the focus from the very top of organisations to developing leaders at all levels, and to look more closely at the skill set these leaders require.  

The ‘leadership lag’ arises because leadership is rarely taught, resulting in a survival of the fittest scenario once individuals find themselves promoted to a position with management responsibilities. Investment in leadership tends to come too late, only taking place once things have gone wrong.

Our Manifesto focuses on the need to make sure organisations have leaders with the skills and attributes needed to navigate through periods of change and uncertainty. It highlights that if more employees are taught the fundamentals of leadership sooner in their careers, they will have the tools and confidence to lead, long before they take on a formal leadership role.

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What does the Manifesto offer you?

Our Manifesto can support organisations to address the leadership lag, and to survive and thrive in times of change. We offer you five key areas to focus on, including: recognising that leadership skills are a route to competitive advantage; looking longer term at leadership; adapting post-Brexit; developing from the bottom up; and creating flexible cultures. 

By equipping leaders at all levels with the skills needed to thrive in a challenging and changing environment, we can create a competitive workforce that is prepared to seize the opportunities presented by upcoming change. 

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Addressing the leadership lag: ILM Manifesto

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