14 May 2018

Fundamental skills to manage workplace mental health 

The modern workplace is changing exponentially, and facing a growing range of challenges that can impact on the ability of talented individuals to give their best at work. Mental health conditions such as depression stress and the resulting discrimination are increasingly prevalent, and may prevent staff from working as effectively as they’d like. With as many as 1 in 4 people experiencing mental health issues each year, it makes good business sense to be equipped to help your workforce to understand the challenges, on an individual and organisational level.

What can organisations do to support mental and psychological wellbeing at work?

Having the skills to identify staff who may need support and sharing best practice with others are the key to building resilience. That’s why ILM, alongside experts at Mental Health at Work, have created four units that address the subject head on.

Fitting seamlessly into a range of leadership and management qualifications suitable for first-line, middle-managers, and senior managers these programmes can help to create an environment where wellbeing can thrive.

We’re really pleased to support Mental Health Management in the workplace.

By equipping managers at every level with the skills they need to effectively support those for whom they have responsibility is commendable.

It represents a really positive change in the way we talk about and prepare for these issues

Karen Egan, ILM Business Development Manager

Demonstrate your commitment to good mental at work and challenge stigma associated with mental health issues by tapping into our expertise.

Level 3 Unit: Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace

The level 3 units can be mapped to the below qualifications, ideal for Team Leaders/Supervisors

L3 Unit specification

Level 5 Unit: Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

The level 5 units can be mapped to the below qualifications, ideal for middle managers

L5 Unit specification

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Discover how you can demonstrate your commitment to good mental health at work. To find out how to become approved to deliver these units, please request a call with our specialist team or find a training provider that delivers these qualifications

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