Fourth batch of apprenticeship frameworks withdrawals suspended

Government has announced that they are postponing the withdrawal of the fourth batch of apprenticeship frameworks, which includes all leadership and management frameworks from Levels 2 to 5.

"We recognise that we are in a period of considerable change for the sector, so to maximise stability we have now postponed the next wave of frameworks to be withdrawn until the autumn" - the government website states.

The original proposed withdrawal dates will be delayed from April 2018 to a later date, however confirmation of what this date will be won't be given until Spring 2018.

It’s a sensible move from Government, ensuring that employers are given ample time to effectively transition to the new apprenticeship standards, especially against a backdrop of significant change and turbulence.

It’s also a positive move for those employers who wish to continue offering the Level 2 management apprenticeship. ILM are currently supporting a group of employers to develop a new Level 2 standard and we would welcome more employers onto the group – if you are interested in being involved, you can get in touch with us here

The list of frameworks that the government have either withdrawn or are withdrawing can be found here.

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