8 May 2018

Nexus Group and ILM: Leadership development must be for all levels

Nexus Infrastructure plc (made up of TriConnex and Tamdown - Winner of ‘Employer of the year’ in the 2016 Construction News Awards) is more convinced than ever that leadership and management training plays a huge role in empowering their employees at every level, enabling them to work more effectively and achieve more – both for themselves and the organisation.

The leadership development programme Nexus Group runs in-house is an ILM Endorsed programme, which since its 2015 start has improved the skills of 60 leaders and managers, from first-time line managers, to senior executives and Board directors.

With a constantly changing workplace, Nexus Infrastructure PLC was determined to build a pipeline of leaders that was fit for the future. This leadership programme enables their teams and departments to step away from the command and control’ management style, stereotypically associated with the construction industry, and adopt more effective, people-oriented strategies.

“This programme provides us with a common language to talk about the challenges we are facing across the board. For example, we now know how to identify people’s development levels and this gives us clarity as to how we can best adjust our leadership styles,” says Norman Greenwald, Head of Organisational Development and Learning.

Probably the most noticeable success of the training was that it transformed the mindsets of anyone who completed it, regardless of role or experience. “It was a truly transforming experience for our business – especially Board Managers. There is a massive assumption that this type of training precludes people who are too senior, or too junior. Now people are becoming far more aware that continuous development is very important, particularly when it comes to achieving performance through others. And this is just the start,“ adds Norman.

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