Concerns over proposal to withdraw popular Level 2 Team Leading Apprenticeship

We want to share an important update on new proposals from The Department of Education, which need our urgent attention.

You may be aware that, in light of new Trailblazer standards, The Department for Education (DfE) has recently proposed that the current suite of Management Apprenticeship Frameworks is withdrawn in April 2018.

Whilst ILM is fully supportive of the phased withdrawal of frameworks and their subsequent replacement by employer-designed Trailblazer standards, we are extremely concerned at the proposal to withdraw the Level 2 Team Leading Apprenticeship Framework. This faces permanent withdrawal, despite there being no replacement Level 2 Trailblazer in sight.

The Level 2 framework is by far the most popular of the current Management Apprenticeships Last year, over 46,000 people embarked upon a Management apprenticeship in England. Almost half of these (22,000) were at Level 2. According to Government research, the Level 2 apprenticeships represent a huge return on investment of £26 for every £1 spent. With no approved standard in development to replace the Level 2, it is clear that prematurely withdrawing a framework so valuable to both employers and apprentices would leave customers with a significant gap in their training options.

The DfE has opened an online consultation for stakeholders to comment on the proposed withdrawal and can be accessed here.

The deadline for feedback is Wednesday 5th April.

If you share our concerns, we urge you to take part in this consultation and support our proposal to develop a new Level 2 Management Trailblazer, which should be in place before the Level 2 Team Leading apprenticeship is withdrawn.

The consultation closes at 5pm on 5th April.